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If you know concealers, you know the "Portfolio" which is one of Lise Watiers Best Sellers.  The are cream concealer and corrector with full coverage.  Some skin tone imperfections and under-eye circles may require professional help. Their Portfolio Professional Correctors with super-smoothing, super-comforting Vitamin E and a remarkable five-way concealer spectrum correct and conceal skin tone imperfections and under-eye circles. And yes, darling, they're 100% Paraben-free.
This wheel is catered towards more of fair to medium skin tones ( check out their wheel for darker skin tones) It comes in a light, light to medium and medium shade plus two correctors, green (corrects redness)  and lilac  (to brighten up the face
I like to use this when to shade and high light my face since the coverage and the choice of colour is amazing. Look at the chart below to see how I used it.

I included a before picture to let you see what I am working with, this way you can actually see results. Although I did a subtle contour, the camera didn't pick up much but you get the idea, Do you?

I like to start off moisturizing my face so the product can go on smoothly, it can be very drying if I use it without a base.I like to start off and use the medium shade in the wheel and mix it with a touch of lilac to highlight under my eyes  just above the cheek bones , the bridge of my nose, forehead, around the mouth, upper lip and chin. Then I use the darkest shade and used it as a shader/contour, around my forehead, the hollows of my cheek, side of my nose and my jaw line. Once I have the products on my face, I use a foundation brush and would start using it from the center of my nose and work outwards.  Make sure to blend, blend, BLEND! You do not want harsh lines and contrast, blending will "hide" any mistakes.

Beauty Tricks :
"Apply the Green to counteract redness, the Lilac to brighten the complexion, the Brown to sculpt and define, the Yellow Beige to hide blue veins and dark circles and the Ivory to soften and hide dark circles."

Once you blend out the concealers, continue to finish your makeup .
Overall Review : 7.5/10
Price: $31 CDN   Size: 25grams
Pros: The wheel really compliments my skin tone, generous amount, price point is not too shabby. It's Paraben free which is a huge deal nowadays
Cons: Can be very drying if you don't prep your skin or if you have dry skin.

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Tee said...

great post!

Anna Reid said...

Wow! It looks like a great product. I am interested in trying it out since it looked good on you when you applied it. I hope that it will blend well with my skin.

May Nguyen