Celebrities with Make-Up vs No Makeup

Friday, September 21, 2012 May Nguyen 4 Comments

Most celebrities have Glam Squads that beautify them to perfection! It's only fair that their team do what they are hired to do best; which is why these fabulous ladies are always looking fabulous!

Our eyes cater to the first impression, so whether it be their best show or not, it really isn't fair to judge. If you meet a women at the gym or local grocery store shes just your average looking gal,  then you find her at a local club all dolled up shes a knockout! Or you get the reverse situation, you meet her at an event all dolled up, a knockout, then you run into her at the gym and she's just "meh".

Remember, makeup should only enhance our features so its only obvious that we are "enhanced looking" Yes, make-up can be deceiving, but remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and always stay true to yourself. Enjoy the pictures I found via world wide web.  I hope it encourages you to be confident in your own skin, no one is perfect, we are all a work in progress. Let's embrace what we have and take the tools and essentials of make-up and enhance it.

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KrySTYLES said...

BRAVO to you for being brave to post up a pic with no makeup! I have yet to be that brave but you dont look bad anyways without it! BTW thanks for following my blog gorgeous!

Jen said...

You are brave to post your pic up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your post. We get used to looking at it.

Anonymous said...

here's a pic of Marilyn Monroe with and without makeup

May Nguyen