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Friday, October 05, 2012 May Nguyen 4 Comments

With such a huge selection of cosmetics nowadays it can easily overwhelm us. Questions that always linger, which products work best for me, which colour, which type, price range etc.  It took me a while to figure out what I like and what works best for me and my budget. So be patient if it may take a while for you.  The investment both in product and research is just as important.  Remember, you are applying this on your face, you owe it to yourself and skin to be picky as to what " that stuff is". Working in the Beauty Industry for a few years, I'm getting familiar as to where I should spend my money or where I can spend MORE money .I'm starting to understand the definition of  "expensive" and "overprice" .  With all the pretty packaging and marketing, we spending more than we think. Believe me, I'm a sucker for packaging, after all I'm visual ;)

I wanted to create a post and share with you my opinions and experience of products.  This post is my personally thoughts  and reasons why I choose to spend the way I do and why I do it.

A great tip before justifying your purchase or splurge, ask yourself , " what is the life line of  this product and how long will it last me and most importantly how often will I use it?"   Perfect example is mascara.

Mascara: has a life span approximately 3 months once its opened. I like to stick to my $9 Maybelline and L'Oreal mascaras and I even use this in my kit.  The fact that I go through mascara like crazy, I chose to stick to what I like which happens to be a drugstore brand. Will I suggest you to spend more on a higher end product? That's entirely up to you and your budget, unless you are absolutely in love with it then that's fine.

Lip glosses: Most lip glosses delivers shine and moisture. Pigment is very sheer, I'd let my lipstick do that for me. Unless a unique lipgloss or colour comes out, I'd love to try it but in the mean time I tend to spend anywhere from $1-$15 depending the brand and colour.

Lipsticks is a tough one for me because I am picky with colours and finishes.  I tend to like to purchase matte lipsticks over other finishes and I do find myself spending more money when I find a nice shade.  I tend to pick matte lipstick because I can always turn my lipstick to a gloss finish with lip gloss but can never turn a shiny lip gloss matte. Since I do prefer matte lipsticks, I also want one with decent quality and ingredients since it'in a cream form and on my lips.  I tend to spend anywhere from $10-15

Pencil liners: As long as they are well pigmented and glides on smooth when I swatch it on my hands I am quite satisfied. Although lipliners don't have a wide selection of colour like lipstick, when I come across an unique colour, I would spend a couple extra dollars but on average I tend to spend anywhere from $5-$15

Foundation: Since this product makes or breaks my make up, takes up 75% or more of my face, sits on my skin the longest, has the potentially to clog my pores or give me acne... I would really consider and be picky about this product.  is probably one of the items I splurge on. I have noticed that the higher end brands ( it doesn't meant the most expensive is the best, I'm just asking you to not buy it at the 99 cents store )  tend to formulate a gentler, less occlusive ingredients that most likely not clog your pores. They tend to blend easier and a lot of them have good ingredients for your skin. This product will probable take you a while to figure out because you have to match your skin type and colour. I am currently using Maybelline Fit Me $8 ( only drugstore brand that works best for my skin ) and Make Up Forever $35 both water-based so I can mix all year long even when my skin tones are changing!

Eye Shadow and Blush:When it comes to eye makeup, I don’t like to splurge on really expensive products nor cheap products. Since your eyes are very sensitive, it’s always good to find good products. Some things I like to look for in a eye shadow is that it's not too chalky; the pigmentation is good and the blending durability. If there is a colour I can’t find elsewhere,I am willing to make that purchase. I find quality eye shadow goes on smoother and lasts longer. Since blush should add a hint of colour to your skin, I like to look for products the same way I do on my eye shadows. Heck I even use eye shadow as blush. I tend to spend anywhere from $5-$15 for eye shadows and $10-$20 for blush.

Blush: Since blush should add a hint of colour to your skin, I like to look for products
Do your research, check your bank account and see what works for you.  Cosmetics can get pricey, and the products are so small sometimes it feels like you basically went home with nothing. The next time you are comparing 2 similar products ask yourself what is the main difference and how will it benefit you. If it’s a pink lip gloss, might as well buy the cheaper one since gloss is gloss right? If you have the extra money to burn, then go straight ahead! Another way I like to justify my purchase is when I come across a colour that is rare or limited edition ( I'm human too! )

I hope this post helps you and helps filter your choices. Always remember to experiment and have fun. Make up should not complicate your life and wallet. Smart Shopping!!!

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Askmewhats said...

I would definitely splurge on foundation and just like you I scrimp on lipglosses :)

kokostiletto said...

thanks for the tips! yes i always always splurge on foundation and anything face related!

AnneNguyen said...

aww thanks!! that helped me a lot!!

great post, i definitely agree on splurging on foundations...

May Nguyen