Anastasia All About Brows Kit

Thursday, October 22, 2009 Body Noise 1 Comments

Here is the fammous Anastasia All About Brows kit. It includes a pair of tweezers, brow powder duo, four brown stencils, brow gel and a highlighting pencil. I tried out the "High Arc" brow stencil and it's pretty good. I didn't think my arc was high but I guess it is? Here's a picture of me shading in my first brow and following the stencil. Before you tweeze or trim your eye brows draw out the shape and fill it in. Then you'll be on track and you'll make less mistakes.
After shading, trimming, tweezing, and cleaning here are my new fresh new eyebrows. The tweezers are great and the powder duo is my new favorite. It also comes with a double-sided angle brush with a comb. The other products help complete your look but here's a simple picture of just the brow shape created from the stencil provided.
You can purchase this kit at Sephora for $75. All this comes in a cute purple pouch so you can keep everything organized. You are receiving a lot of items in this kit, although it is still very pricey for a brow kit. Anastasia is famous for brows so you know you're getting good quality. It pays to be beautiful!
Review: 9/10

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Askmewhats said...

i've been wanting to try Anastacia but sad to say its not available here so I can only search ebay :)

May Nguyen