Beauty Tricks from your Kitchen...

Some of these ideas may sound ridiculous but they actually work! The best part is that you probably already have them in your kitchen!

If you know of any, please comment below . 

Baking Soda:
  • You can brush your teeth with it
  • You can use it as a paste and apply it to a pimple for overnight results
  • You can massage it through damp hair to remove build up styling products
  • You can rub it on flaky elbows and knees as an exfoliate
  • You can apply it on a blemish/pimple and cover it with a bandage and it should see dramatic results the following morning
  • You can use it as an adhesive to mask etc…
Black, Green and Chamomile Tea Bags:
  • You can use a moist tea bag to control under eye puffiness, sooth bruises and mild burns
Low Fat or Plain Yogurt
  • You can apply it to the skin that feels tight and dry. It will soothe it, soften it and make it silkier too.
  • You can apply it to oily skin and it will absorb excess oil
  • You can massage yogurt and leavin for 15 minutes into an itchy flaky scalp - rinse and it should be gone
Bread and Milk:
Soak a small piece of bread in milk and put it on top of a blemish/pimple for about 20 minutes. You will see the redness go away.

Tomatoes: Face Mask

Cut a tomatoe in half and massage it on your face. Let it dry for a bit and rinse it out with warm water. Do not use it on open wounds, scars or pimples as it may sting.

Olive Oil:
Is an excellent moisturizer for both hair and face. Most body scrubs main base is Olive Oil – especially around the Mediterranean.

Avocado:Avocado is a great moisturizer for dry skin and hair. It contains vitamin E and moisturizing oils, and the oil absorbs easily into the body.

Sesame Oil:Because its molecular structure is small, sesame oil is considered one of the most deeply penetrating oils. It contains linoleic acid and fatty acids, which carry water soluble nutrients through the skin. You can use it as a moisturizer fror dry skin and hair or even rub it on your nails.

Source: Fast Beauty 1,000 Quick Fixes

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good tip! the other day i used a mask of honey and olive oil in my hair and it was pretty sweet, he he

Anonymous said...

I have brushed my teeth with baking soda... ummm not very tasty.. but it works. Nothing too obvious than regular toothpaste

Thanks for this! I have to try out that honey tip!

precious300 said...

Wow, sounds odd but will try...

Vanessa said...

That honey tip sounds interesting.. I will try...

DivaShop said...

Great tips! I've personally found that aloe vera gel helps my dry skin. The dry patches on my face are gone & my chapped & bleeding hands now look practically normal. If any have dry skin issues, try it. It works!

May Nguyen