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Thursday, August 02, 2012 May Nguyen 1 Comments

I've read many posts and reviews on the OCC Lip Tars and have always been curious about it but have done nothing to cure that curiosity. I am  a huge lip fan, I suppose the packaging threw me off and I wasn't as intrigued to try these as much as I claimed. REGRET! 
I had the opportunity to go to Nigels Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood California ( a different post, that store is heaven to any beauty junkie. )  I came across the OCC Cosmetic section and of course, the Lip Tars.  The colour selection is overwhelming but perfect! A lot of the colours are "wearable" in a sense that you can wear right out of the tube - and some, not so much unless you want to create a creative look.  What I love about these Lip Tars is that they are extremely pigmented, a little goes a long long long way.  It leaves a nice stain but does not dry your lips. The scent is refreshing, leaves a cool mint flavour behind.  The best part other than the generous amount of product is that its mixable. Hence why there are some random colours such as blue, yellow, orange - which is great to do creative looks but at the same time you can add it to either tone, bright or neutralise a lip colour which is amazing! Especially like an artist myself, I can pack less and create more looks.  I almost wanted to buy the entire collection and throw out all my lip products and just work with these babies, that's how strongly I recommend these products if you are starting to build your lip kit.
I did narrow my selection to a cool 6, there were some colours that I wanted but were obviously sold out.  For the price $12.50 USD you cant go wrong.  If you are a working artist, I believe you get a discount on the OCC Website and at Nigels Beauty Emporium, I ended up paying approx. $8.50 each. I purchased Interlace, Trick, Momento, Anime, Hoochie and NSFW.  This selection are colours I can carry in my kit and are also colours that I can rock alone without mixing - but I tend to mix a lot, its almost a new colour everytime ;).  I also like to add a drop or two of lip colour into my lip balm which creates a more moisturizing cream lipstick.  The pigment is still very strong.
 Here is a picture of me wearing the Lip Tar in NFSW ( Cool Red )
Tip: I like to apply the lip tar all over my lips and then use a tissue paper to blot the excess product. I tend to do it once with the Lip Tars, but it doesn't hurt to blot twice.  This will leave a "stain" then I apply a second coat. This will make my lipstick last so much longer
I give this product 9/10. Simple.

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