LG Fashion Week - Toronto - BARBIE WORLD

Friday, April 02, 2010 May Nguyen 2 Comments

So I had the privileged to attend the LG Fashion Week ( March 30, 2010) again here in Toronto and let me tell you it was amazing - as usual! There's just too much to cover for each post so I have decided to break it down and summarize it enough that you all get an idea, glimpse of what it is. My first post is going to be on the BARBIE Lounge which any Barbie lover is going to "just die" moment!

Here I am standing to a "life size" version of Barbie

Here I am "packaged" - I ship within 24 hours :P

I don't recall my "Barbie" time that I had this MANY accessories!!!

Which is your style?

Whats your little black dress looking like?

Here I am signing my name and a short Video Clip :)

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