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Matchstick hooked it up!

I got the chance to try Maybelline New York's PULSE PERFECTION vibrating mascara. Haha, sounds kinky!

I've heard about vibrating mascara vaguely, but I don't know much about it. I personally think that it's supposed to help work your lashes so you don't have to do that whole "zig-zag" motion. Let's call it an electric toothbrush for your eyes.

This mascara comes in a black and gold container of 6.5ml. It claims to have the 7 must-haves of lash perfection: luscious thickness, luxurious length, smooth separation, intense color, shapely curve, healthy luster, and zero clumps. It also includes a 4-step application process on the back! So if you're new at this like me, don't worry. It's average in size and packaging, so let's see how it works!

Thickens, lengths, the whole deal. But MOST IMPORTANTLY there's no clumps!

This mascara comes off so easily. No pulling, no spreading, just a quick swipe and you're good! It's great for people with sensitive eyes like me!

Cons:The vibrating function is very inefficient. You have to press the button to keep it vibrating and if you let go it stops.
Also, you have to hold it from the lash base and move up EXTREMELY SLOWLY towards the lash tip to get results.

I think this model could easily be improved. If the wand wasn't just vibrating but rotating, it would probably help curl the lashes and speed up the process. I know that I like to rotate my wand as I apply mascara and it was next to impossible to do that here. I can't hold a button and rotate at the same time! Boo.


There is a special coupon offer for this product if you want to experience it yourself. Save $5 on a Maybelline New York PULSE PERFECTION vibrating mascara! It expires on October 31, 2009 so hurry before it's over. Don't be afraid to try something new!

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