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Sorry for the late post, but Sarah Jessica Parker's The Lovely Collection was available from March 2009. Sarah Jessica Parker captures the magic of the moment in a three-part fragrance series. The lovely collection of vivid fragrance statements take you from the illuminating, fresh experience of dawn to the essence of loving every moment passsionately expressed in endless. And finally, the tender wartmth of twilight. an intimate collection of timeless fragrances that unfold moment by lovely moment. You can find more information at

Created by Coty Inc, the world's largest fragrance company and a recognized leader in global beauty, The Lovely Collection is top-knotch. The bottle is covered in expressive watercolors painted by New York artist and fashion illustrator Sara Singh. Lastly, for a touch of vintage flavor the cap that first appeared on Sarah Jessica Parker's debut fragance LOVELY is reintroduced here. The matte-finished cartons reflect the artistry of the bottles inside. This collection was shot and directed by the famous Michael Thompson in New York to capture Sarah jessica at her most precious and intimate moments from dawn until dusk. The ad for this is so cute and you can also hear her voice on the website. How precious! Who can't love Sarah Jessica?

The Lovely Collection comes in three fantastic scents:

DAWN: the word iteself evokes a fresh vibrant beauty. The scent is the essence of light breaking through a cloud of fragrant orchids and lingering with a soft glow.

ENDLESS: an unforgettable moment. It is a sparkling fragrant celebration that's in love with life, overflowing with flowers, infinitely joyful.

TWILIGHT: a warm and romantic glow, a starlit evening. A smoldering scent of pure sensuality.

I think The Lovely Collection is really clever. It attaches fragrance to a moment in time that all women share and understand. I think it's great for those who really want to live in the moment and stay in it.

Dawn is great for morning people. If your best moments are in the morning, Dawn has a clean, fresh scent that has you feeling awake and energized. When I put on Dawn I have thoughts of birds chirping. There are some floral notes that keep the fragrance smelling pretty, but moreover it's a fresh scent that brightens your day right from the start. My personal fave!

Endless is a very sensual, powerful fragrance. It's for women who get noticed for what they do and whenever I wear it I'm sure people are remembering my scent as I walk past them. I think it's the suede musk base notes that give Endless a more dramatic scent than other flowery perfumes. This scent is incredibly strong, so be careful about how much you're spritzing! Also, it smells very different on your skin than it does in the bottle so don't be fooled. My advice is wear this on a first date and see where the moment takes you.

Twilight smells like a mix of Endless and Dawn to me. If Dawn is too light and Endless is too strong, Twilight is your best bet. It's woody notes really stand out, so if you love nature this one is made for you. I'm personally not much of a fan of Twilight, maybe I'm too young to appreciate it but I think it's too mature for me. To be honest it's my least favorite of the three there's almost too much going on to really appreciate. Maybe my nose is going crazy after smelling three fragrances, but after wearing it for a while I'm still not a fan.

Tips: What I love about collections is the fact that you can buy them in small bottles and then mix them all. You can spray each collection in order according to the time of day to intensify your scent appropriately, or you can mix all fragrances together and enjoy them all. Depending on my mood i spray more of one scent and then lightly add a second to add some diversity. The best thing about this collection is that it is still distinctly Sarah Jessica Parker, but not. You get the freedom to be recognizeable only to a certain extent. When someone asks you, "What are you wearing?" you can simply reply "something lovely."

The Lovely Collection fragances are available in 30 ml. for $42.00 exclusively at Sephora and the 75ml. for $69 at department and drug stores across Canada. I think the pricing is very fair for what you're getting, the packaging is beautiful and the glass itself is intricately designed I want to keep the bottle on my stand when it's empty. However, I'm a classic girl and I personally perfer Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely over the Lovely Collection. But my advice is to try them out if you're already a fan and see if you want to add some variation.

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