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With so many products out in the market, how do you filter out which primer is the best for you and your skin type.

We recommend  that you go to the counter and ask for a small sample to try before committing to a full size product. Wear it for the day, test it out. Are you looking to see if your makeup breaks down, are you looking to reduce shine, or are you looking for a primer that will blur out some lines and wrinkles. These are things you should really consider.

What is a Make-Up Primer?
Make-up primers are ideally used underneath foundation/make-up or worn alone. Depending on the cosmetic line, some are catered to be applied to create a smooth barrier between the skin and makeup so the foundation or make-up being applied on top will be smoother looking and long lasting. Some are designed to fill in small lines and pores to create a smoother canvas for the makeup to be applied on. Some are created to do both. They also come in different shades and correctors as well. A lot of the primers also have included a lot of great ingredients for the skin so it’s always good to know what is in it. Read the packaging – ask questions.

We have summarized the ones that we know of and tried on personally. The list is products that we enjoyed and has met our standards for a primer.

Water-Based / Gel - The main ingredient should be Aqua / Water in the ingredient list.
Ideal for people: all skin types
Pros: Lightweight, mostly oil and silicone free, does not clog pores, helps the makeup stay on longer
Cons: Does not fill and smooth lines as well as the silicone base

*Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer creates a smooth, invisible layer that acts as a "buffer" to outside elements and expertly holds foundation. It guarantees that your makeup stays fresh and color-true for hours. With vitamins A, C, and E added to protect the skin, Foundation Primer is oil-free and ideal for all skin types. * We recommend to use this if you have normal to dry skin. This is also very moisturizing as well as it gives the face some life to dry skin. The mattifying properties are moderate.

Make-up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer: HD Microperfecting Primer deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. Creates a protective layer on the skin allowing foundation to glide on easily and last longer.

*Smashbox Light: Perfect for oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin, this oil-free, 60% water based primer refreshes on contact while oil absorbers provide a smooth, matte finish all day. Light diffusers minimize the appearance of imperfections while vitamin C and peptides help even skin tone and promote collagen production for a flawless future.

NARS: Nars Makeup Primer is a gel-cream ideally applied as a base layer for smoother, longer-lasting makeup for all skin types. Natural botanicals are added to help reduce redness, also making it an excellent after shave for men to soothe irritated skin.

Lorac Aqua Prime: Moisturizes and prepares your skin for silky smooth makeup application with a lightweight, colorless gel texture that's oil-, fragrance-, and silicone-free.


Silicone Base Ingredient can be read Silica or Cyclopentasiloxane - Most silicone products are also mattifying properties / or has anti-shine components
Ideal for: most skin types - not recommended for oily skin

*Smashbox: The silky blend of vitamins and antioxidants smoothes and perfects skin, while the unique formula helps to inhibit the destruction of collagen, and fills in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. .

bareVitamins Prime Time – bare Escentials: Developed to combat flaky dryness, rough patches, fine lines, excess oil, enlarged pores, and uneven texture, this mineral-infused, satin-finish formula glides on seamlessly with no tacky feel to provide a skin-smoothing complexion prior to bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation application. Infused with soothing plant extracts, antioxidants, and nourishing vitamins C and E for added age-defying power

Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer: Helps makeup stay in place longer while preventing creasing in fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other primers, Clean Slate™ contains natural fruit- and plant-derived extracts to treat, protect, sooth, and hydrate the skin.

Descriptions are taken form the Sephora and OCC website to ensure accuracy 

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Jaelynn said...

Thanks for this, very helpful. :)
Have a nice rest of your day.

This helped so much. I'm currently using the Clarins Beauty Balm as a primer. I'm still looking into trying different things so I'll keep this post in mind. Thank you! (:

Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhh thanks for posting this May!
I've been using the Nars one =) love it.. but now I want to try the Laura Mercier one since with my age...the wrinkles and pores are more noticeable. GRRRR

Lisa Ng said...

Great blog! This was really helpful. I am debating whether or not to add a primer to my routine. Nice meeting you at the Matchstick event.

Lisa Ng @ The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide

Make-up primers are ideally used underneath foundation/make-up or worn alone. They also come in different shades and correctors as well. I like this article very much. Thanks for sharing helpful information.
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May Nguyen