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"Get a gorgeous summer glow in seconds with NKD SKN self tanners and our hero – the amazing daily moisturizer tan – Gradual Glow. 
Designed for all skin tones, these tan formulas are infused with organic and natural skincare extracts that hydrate, condition and nourish skin, and are completely paraben, perfume and alcohol free. Unlike other daily moisturizer tans, NKD SKN dries instantly on skin, so you can get dressed straight after applying. With revolutionary Odour Remove™ technology, which erases the tan smell completely rather than attempting to mask it, NKD SKN tans give a natural glow for up to 7 days, that fades perfectly back to nothing, for the most realistic tanning experience without sun exposure." 
If you have been following me on IG , you will notice the countless post I have using this NKD SKN system.WHy? Because I L-O-V-E it! ( Here I am using Medium in the Mousse Application)
Anyone loves a good tan all year round.  Considering I live in Toronto, I only get " tanning weather" seasonally so I always try a healthy alternative.
Personally, I love using gradual gradual self tanners because I am always worried about streaking and blotchy applications when using an instant tanning kit. But, I was extremely impressed with NKD SKN as their system is pretty straightforward ( shower and exfoliate before application ) and easy to use.  The kit comes with Daily Tan Moisturizer and foam mitt for easy application.  You have the otion of getting a Tinted Tan Mouse or Tinted Tan Liquid Psray ( Light , Medium and Dark ) I opted to try Medium and dark :)  
Here I am wearing the Medium Mouse all over my body and including my face.  I was a little nervous around my face as it was more difficult to conceal if I messed it up! ( first time user!)  As you can see... flawless application!

Check out their products here

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