Pur Mineral Air Cushioned Foundation

Thursday, September 03, 2015 May Nguyen 0 Comments

Pur Mineral introduces their Air Perfection Cushion Foundation.

What it is : 
The flawless finish you love in our lightest foundation makeup ever. Believable coverage that’s lighter than air. Technology that’s light years ahead. Utilizing an innovative liquid-dispensing cushion, Air Perfection cushion foundation delivers ultra high-quality sheer to medium coverage with a unique, mousse-like texture that feels lighter than air. Built for fast,

flawless blending, this revolutionary portable light liquid foundation infuses the skin with advanced botanical problem solvers, including the ultimate skincare emollient: Babassu Oil. Native to Brazil, this palm-based ingredient nourishes a dewy soft complexion with intensely hydrating lauric and myristic acids and antioxidant vitamin E.

This is my first time using their foundation so I'm not familiar or have any type of expectations as to what I would be getting from this line . I just know I'm pretty picky with my foundation since I know it takes up 70% of my face,  bottom line, it needs to be on point aka. flawless .

I had the chance to wear it today and I am 10 hours in and it actually still looks pretty damn good . I have been getting compliments all day on how great my makeup looks but I was rocking a very natural look, the only thing that was different was I changed my foundation. I want to mention that I have normal to dry skin so throughout the day my skin while its producing oil it's actually just adding more glow to my skin.  Mind you, I wore this for 10  hours in 31 degrees in Toronto. Which means this is a pretty awesome foundation. The foundation seems to be quite buildable to a light to medium coverage if you allow the layers to dry in between. Unfortunately I used a foundation brush to apply this since I find using the sponge applicator that was provided to get a bit messy.  The foundation is a liquid form soaked in a sponge so it can " spill " . I haven't figured out the " air cushioned technology " is all about or why it is designed this way yet. I'm sure in the above description it clarifies that but I still don't get it , unless I am using it incorrectly but the product itself is pretty amazing.

Price tag $43 cdn ( comes with a REFILL )

Pros : super cute minimal packaging , comes with refill and sponge applicator, great for normal to dry skin because it is a liquid foundation . It's buildable, light to medium coverage.

Cons : since the packaging is white and the foundation is a liquid form it can look messy/dirty when you open your compact .  Since it contains spf, it's not very photo friendly ( with flash )

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