Guðrun & Guðrun Fall Winter 2015

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Guðrun & Guðrun redefines knitwear with their new Fall/Winter 2015 collection, incorporating traditional techniques of handcrafted knitting with contemporary aesthetic vision. Knitted the cool way, all of Guðrun & Guðrun’s designs appeal to a diverse audience for their harmonious color palette and attention to quality and detail.  

Nordic by nature, the collection is inspired by North Atlantic innovation, isolation and the energy of the Faroe Islands.  The collection is a conversation, touching upon the celebration of daily life, reflecting this spirit with their ease in styling.
Statement pieces from Gudrun & Gudrun's FW15' line, such as the Janhild and Geirhild sweaters above, have the ability to stand on their own and also layer seamlessly into outfits. One of the most popular items of the season, is the Jetta cardigan which is the unisex knit of the collection. It’s neutral grey color and universally flattering cut make it the best knit for him or her. The collection ranges from basics to outerwear to accessories and retail prices start at $175.  The collection pieces closely highlight texture, combining varying knit stitches, playful hemlines, and melodious colors for a poetic visual experience. 

For the better part of a decade, Gudrun & Gudrun have been cultivating the unique tradition of the Faroe Islands and injecting it into their unique designs. With global distribution and unwavering reception in all the major fashion hubs, Gudrun & Gudrun have used their natural isolation as their catalyst. Bringing their beautiful wool knits to all parts of the globe, the collection ranges from basics to accessories to outerwear for women, men's and kids retailing at $175 and up.

Available now at Anthropologie and online at

View the Fall/Winter Collection: 2015 Lookbook 

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