Nail 101

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 May Nguyen 2 Comments

As simple as it may sound, many people are applying their nail polish incorrectlyHere are some simple steps to achieving a longer lasting polish! Once you have shaped and filed your nails, the next step is to apply nail polish.
  • First apply a BASE COAT. This will protect your nails from the polish and will also make you polish stay on longer.
  •  Apply a thin coat of colour polish.Try to apply a thin layer as it dries faster.
    Once that coat is completely dry, apply the second coat. Depending on the opacity, a third coat may be needed for sheer colours. Allow your nail poish to dry. 
  • Final Step, 2 coats of TOP coat ( letting 1 coat dry at a time)
    This will help your colour polish. Pleae note that when your nails are chipping, its really chipping the clear top coat instead of the colour coat.=)
  • Dry nails

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