Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection

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This summer, Yves Rocher offers you an escape to the Mediterranean coast, with its limited edition 2014 Summer Collection.Experience the refreshing notes of Citrus flowers in a delicate and elegant Eau de Toilette created by Francis Kurdjian, an internationally renowned perfumer.
Discover also the bright colors of this Mediterranean getaway in an irresistible makeup collection.
Mini palette, maximum trend! 
This summer, be daring with colour and fall in love  with this eyeshadow trio in hues inspired by the  Mediterranean. Apply individually or mix them up:

- Smokey Blue, an ultra-pigmented blue to intensify  your eyes.
- Bronze and Golden Beige, two ultra pearly nude  hues to brighten your eyes.
Their fine, silky texture is easy to apply with your  fingers.
Botanical-based ingredients: Rice extract.
Compact $9.95


A trendy look with the stroke of a pencil! 
This summer, dare to use colour with these eye pencils in  alluring hues inspired by the Mediterranean:
- Royal Blue or Mediterranean Blue, 2 dazzling hues with  aquatic highlights to energize your look.
- Lemon Yellow or Copper Brown, 2 sunny hues to  brighten your tan.
Their long-lasting, soft, and comfortable texture is suited for  sensitive eyes and easy to remove. Use them as eyeliner  or eye shadow to change looks according to your mood!
Botanical-based ingredients: Camellia oil
3.25 g pencil n n $5.95


All the charm of a summer spent by the Mediterranean Sea in a fresh and sparkling Eau de Toilette. 
Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin natural essences  intertwine to unveil the sun-filled heart of Citrus  flowers. At the base, the softness of woody notes  reveals all the sensuality of the fragrance for  a summer filled with freshness and elegance.  A fragrance created by Francis Kurdjian, an  internationally renowned perfumer.
Botanical-based ingredients: Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin  essential oils
75 ml spray n n $29

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