Josie Natori Announces Fragrance Partnership with LUXE Brands

Tuesday, February 04, 2014 May Nguyen 0 Comments

Josie Natori announced her new partnership with prestige beauty company, LUXE Brands. Within this partnership, Natori has plans to release a series of new fragrance collections. Natori, known for bringing her signature East meets West design aesthetic to ready-to-wear, lingerie, loungewear, fashion and home textiles and accessories, will now bring a new fragrance to the forefront. Her first fragrance with LUXE Brands is set to launch in the summer of 2014.
Josie Natori is a visionary designer who reconfigured an industry, erasing the boundary between innerwear and outerwear and introducing the concept of beautiful lingerie to consumers around the globe. 
Josie Natori, Chief Executive of The Natori Company, said: “We are thrilled about our new partnership with LUXE Brands.  Fragrance is such a critical part of our vision for The House of Natori, and we are excited to have partners that share our enthusiasm for our brands and the category.” 
Natori Vice President of E-Commerce, Finance, Licensing, and PR/Marketing Kenneth C. Natori added: “From Natori to Josie to N Natori, our mission has been to create true lifestyle collections by extending carefully across more categories and geographies.  Fragrance has the ability to accelerate that process even more and we are thrilled to partner with a team that has the experience, commitment, and resources to execute.”
New beauty company LUXE Brands’ mission is to develop and market exceptional beauty products to consumers and cultivate a portfolio of desirable and exciting global brands. The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Tony Bajaj who has twenty years of experience in the beauty category as Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of fragrance & cosmetics distribution company AB Diversified Enterprises Inc.  This new enterprise is the culmination of Tony’s desire to expand from brand distributor to strategic brand architect – nurturing and developing world-class brands that will endure. 
This new relationship between Josie Natori and LUXE Brands is the perfect partnership.  LUXE Brands prides itself on being focused and agile enough to nurture brands by giving them the time, attention and support they require to grow.  LUXE Brands has the ability to provide exceptional personal attention to the Natori brand and foresees the upcoming launch as setting a new standard.
“My mission is to create a portfolio of brands that has lasting power – so Josie Natori, an iconic brand that has been thriving for 37 years, is a perfect fit for the LUXE Brands model.   Josie amazes me each day with her leadership, creativity and the energy with which she devotes herself to her brand. Josie has a gift for remaining true to her vision and knowing exactly what her consumers expect from her. I couldn’t be prouder to partner with such a renowned designer.” Tony Bajaj, President and CEO of LUXE Brands. 

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