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Despite their roaring popularity as arguably the best boy band ever, One Direction has been a trending phenomenon in the beauty world after the debut of their full commercial for Our Moment on Saturday, August 24. Since the release, the YouTube video has been viewed 1,719,569 times, and the announcement tweet has received 25,122 retweets and 26,242 favorites! 

 One Direction launched an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the creation of the scent and the hugely popular launch video. The 'Journey of the Fragrance' film will be available on  at 1pm EST on September 4th. The film includes exclusive interviews with Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn talking about the creation of their fragrance and the launch video. Additionally, on August 27, 

One Direction's interview with anchor Cynthia McFadden aired on ABC's "Nightline." The segment focused on the band's tour, and the release of their movie "This Is Us," and their fragrance brand was also mentioned, during a discussion of how One Direction has leveraged their success to surpass just being musicians and becoming a brand. In Part 1 of the below video, at approximately 12:42AM, Cynthia says, "One Direction is more than a band, it is a business, stoked by a merchandising engine of backpacks and t-shirts, perfume and books." Our Moment -

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