Boucheron Place Vendome Fragrances

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Boucheron Place Vendôme

In October, Boucheron celebrates its 25th anniversary in perfumery and presents
A new floriental woody fragrance, Boucheron Place Vendôme
  Boucheron Limited Editions for Men and Women
When Frédéric Boucheron moved in 1893 to a private mansion at 26 Place Vendôme, he was the first of a series of great contemporary jewellers to open shop at this Parisian showcase. Incarnating the excellence of fine jewellery-making since 1858, Boucheron would spread his message to the entire world as the Jeweler of the City of Lights. A name, an art, a city and a square would become the standard bearers of the fascinating aura of his precious gemstones.

“Our reason for being is to create emotion.” Frédéric Boucheron

Making magic with gems and color, Boucheron will always be the jeweller of thrills and timelessness. Grace, light and power across the ages… The creations of this multifaceted House bear witness to incomparable know-how and a tireless search for the absolute, highlighted by every curve, every reflection, every symbol. Behind each spectacular Boucheron item is a sculptor of light: a spirit, a soul and hands. Skilled handcrafting to create fine jewellry, vibrating with emotion and extreme elegance, capturing and concentrating sparkle, chiseling and radiating light, the better to reveal and enhance the wearer.

A new story
Boucheron is a modern House, with a contemporary approach to transmitting a heritage. Featuring the unique strength of over one hundred and fifty years of existence, Boucheron remains an avant-garde jeweller drawing on the wealth of an exceptional heritage to invent the classics of tomorrow. After nearly eight years of absence, Boucheron returned in 2012 to the Antique Dealers Biennial with the Crafter of Dreams collection of fine jewellery. The collection takes a fabulous journey through the secret archives of the House with the reinterpretation of emblematic items which have written the story of Boucheron through the ages. A new world takes shape, signed with white and gold modernity, a working drawing filled with light.
At the start of this new chapter in an on-going story, Boucheron reveals a new olfactory opus. And creates a great new feminine fragrance.

Refined details
The touch of velvet and reliefs to recall iconic paving stones… The Boucheron Place Vendôme box is a first invitation to sensorial pleasure. Immaculate white is scattered here and there with matte gold. Like a signature, the double gadroon in gold edges the paper. In the center, legendary letters stand out, engraved in fine gold: Boucheron Place Vendôme.

Ephemeral finery
A story rather than a face. A story of light. While Paris continues to dream, the sun’s rays slide over the rooftops. The dome of the Invalides becomes a gigantic gold flower. The sun continues to rise, its rays crossing the arcades. Shadows slip from the Vendôme Column, which points majestically at number 26. In a white light, she appears. She is the heroine. On her skin, ephemeral finery to enhance the glow found deep within each woman. Boucheron Place Vendôme.

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