Yves Rocher Retropical Nail Polish - Fix a cracked polish!

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August 1, 2013
I was first introduced to Crackle Nail Polish probably a decade ago when I say my first Crackle Polish from L'Oreal.  It wasn't as popular than, I always thought it was a very clever product.  I was imore ntrigued as to so how they could come up with a formula that could separate nail polish to create a realistic "crackle" effect.  Crackle went MIA for a while, at least where I was. I didn't see anyone rocking it nor did I see any stores carry it. Then a couple years ago it was a fab again, Crackle everything!  Then it was quiet again, but even since my L'Oreal crackle days to OPI, I always kept them around! I've always like the look of it and I'm a type of girl that if I like something regardless of when it was in, I will continue to rock it my own way. I love to use crackle as it is, a top coat color AND what I have been using it more so it to "FIX" nail polish.  When an old polish cracks/chips, if I get lazy to remove everything and reapply it, I just add a Crackle Color on top and instantly it looks brand new!

Here I am using Yves Rocher Retropical Crackle on top of Rimmel Yellow Nail Polish ( the Purple polish s from the Mariah Carey OPI Sand Collection Purple and Yellow are complimentary colors!).  It's very rare that I come across a Turquoise crackle which is why I was very intrigued to this polish. This is also my first tome trying a Yves Rocher polish . The bottle is uber so cute and just `3ml which is a very small amount.  If you are the type that enjoys seasonal colors and trends this is ideal for you.

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Pros: Love the color  and the packaging . It's very affordable and very compact in size.
Cons: It sets very matte which requires a top coat to smoothen out the polish. It was a seasonal product so it's difficult to find!
Overall Rating : 7.5/10


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