Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips Starter Kit

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Khristine Aragon 4 Comments

   I am a big fan of gel nails but getting my nails done at the salon every 2 weeks can add up not to mention I don't always have the time. Luckily Sally Hansen wants you to skip the salon & save with their new Salon Insta Gel Strips Starter Kit! Choose from 3 starter kit colours: Shell we Dance (sheer pink), Wine not (shimmer burgundy), Red my lips (matte red). Once you've purchaced your starter kit there is a much wider selection of colours and designs you can choose from their mini kits!   
Along with "Red My Lips" I selected " Pinkies Up!" because I'm a sucker for anything that glitters!
                                                             Kit Includes:                                             Mini Kit Includes:

                                                          1 Mini LED lamp                                       16 Gel Polish strips
                                                      16 Gel polish strips                                        1 Gel top coat
                                                         1 Gel top coat                                           2 Nail cleanser pads
                                                    2 Nail cleanser pads                                   Cuticle stick, file & buffer
                                                  Cuticle stick,file & buffer
                                                       Instruction sheet 

The whole process was fairly easy to execute. I started off by removing my nail polish completely with some acetone, file my nails down to shape, push my cuticles back and buff the shine away. Then I proceeded to wipe my nails down with the pads they provide to get off any residue left on my nails. Fairly straight forward. Now comes the part where I think I had a bit of difficulty and thats applying the nail strips. Some nail strips are going to be either too small or way to big so I would opt for the bigger strip, smooth it onto my nail then grab the cuticle stick and shape to my finger. Its smooth sailing afterwards. Apply the gel nail polish and lay your finger under the LED light for 30 seconds. (the light will automatically shut off) Then your done! There is absolutely no drying time which is a HUGE A+ for me! I'm the type of person who usually ruins their nails within 5 mins of painting them. Completing all 10 nails took about half an hour which maybe a bit long for some but the 2 weeks you get out of them is well worth it.

The Claim:  
  • Up to 2 week wear
  • 2 easy steps
  • Chip resistant
  • Mirror shine
  • Will not damage nails
  • No dry time
  • Removes easily with acetone polish remover
Rating: 9.5/10
Price: Approx. 39.99
Pros: Skip the salon & do this gel manicure from the comfort of your own home!, No drying time.
Cons: I wouldn't necessarily say the application process can be done in 2 easy steps. It was more like 12... Exactly.

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