Lise Watier India Gold Collection Summer 2013

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 May Nguyen 1 Comments

For 40 years now, Lise Watier has been directing the creative process in developing new products. Her inspiration is endless and without borders. Emotions, memories, nature, travel – every experience fuels her creativity. An epic visit to India in 2012 immediately inspired Mme Watier to develop an eponymous collection. Driven by her vision, the creative team designed the remarkable INDIA Gold collection.

A captivating collection of bold colours and ornamental accents that whisks us to the heart of India. Golden brilliance and oriental exoticism transport us on a warm and luxurious voyage. Here are just some of their new additions.  For a complete list of the new India Gold please visit

Available Mid April to the July 31, 2013! 

Nail Lacquer
Two new shades share the limelight for glamorous nails this season.

Palette INDIA Eyeshadows
Six shades, from neutral to vibrant, are presented in a designed case inspired by India. Their half cream half powder formula offers a long-lasting silky finish with incomparable shine.
$42 CDN

INDIA Eau de toilette Spray
This exquisite fragrance transports yourself to an exotic paradise of delicate jasmine and precious oriental notes.
50 ml | $57 CDN

A simple touch is enough to adorn the neckline or entire body with a sprinkling of light, sparkling real gold dust.
$29 CDN
A comfortable, moisturizing formula for unbelievably shiny lips! This translucent shade can be applied alone or over lipstick.
$22 CDN

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