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It’s true what they say,” Brows frame the face” it’s the starting point of the face! Women make 3 common mistakes over plucking, wrong shape and wrong colour! Today, I’m going to show you how to create that perfect brow that work best for you.

Most people do not realize it, but the human eye constantly seeks out balance.  Having properly shaped eyebrows add this balance to the face. A fuller, symmetrical brow will instantly lift the face and add a more youthful appearance to your entire aesthetic.

Methods of Grooming – wax, threading, tweezers
  • ·         Invest in a good tweezers, expensive tweezers aren’t necessarily better tweezers.
  • ·         Good tweezers are important for precisely shaping your brows. If the quality of your tweezers is poor, or they are misaligned, they will not be able to pull the hair at the root. Your brows will grow in more quickly and will look far less polished. This is also an issue with "pain-free" tweezers. These instruments actually sheer the hair, instead of plucking it. While it may hurt a little less in the moment, your brows grow in thicker and faster than with a pair of premium, calibrated tweezers with a slanted tip.

·         Before you begin the tweezing process it is recommended to wrap an ice cube into a paper towel and slightly rub your eyebrows with it. This will gradually numb the critical area, making the tweezing easier and more painless.
·         You can use this trick also after you finished, it will perfectly reduce the redness and the possible inflammation.
·         Alcohol can also have a soothing effect. Apply it to the eyebrows right before and while the tweezing lasts. If you feel that the tweezing is still painful, you might try to do it gradually.
·         Pluck one hair at a time, don't rush, give yourself a few second to sooth. Then quickly wipe the brows again with the alcohol. 

·         OR tweeze after taking a bath. The steam will efficiently dilate the pores, which eases the plucking process. If the hair will come out more quickly and without any extra effort, the tweezing will seem less painful

  How to find your shape
  • Determine your eye set ( close, far, normal etc ) Eye set is recognized by measuring your eye from the inner to outer corner. If your measurement is 7 cm and the distance between your two eyes is also the same, this means you have normal set eyes. If it is more, then you have wide set eyes and if it is less you it is close set eyes. Or use the 3rd eye in the middle
  • Spacing Recognizing your eye set will help as a starting point for the best fit eyebrow shape. If you have close set eyes, shaping will require more space between your eyebrows. The brows should begin a little past the inner eye to give the illusion of a normal eye set. If you have wide set eyes, then you should not over pluck in between your brows, less space will better suit your face.
  • Shaping The eyebrow arch starts from your pupil and gradually goes up and then down towards the end. The arch shape depends on your bone structure.
There are many different shapes of eyebrows
·         Rounded shaped eyebrows soften features.
·         Soft angle eyebrows, the most preferred shape, is arched and feminine.
·         Angled eyebrows have a high arch and work well to mask droopy eyelids. It gives you a more youthful look.
·         Straight eyebrows work best for those with a longer face shape face. Straight eyebrows make their face appear shorter and oval.

Finding your Colour and the Right Product for you.
There are kits nowadays, brunettes, blondes, auburn etc. which comes with everything which is great!  Avoid black, if anything, dark brown should be the darkest shade. Try matching it closest to your hair.  With blondes, I like to pick an ashy light brown with a hint of green, taupe. It looks more natural than going with a light brown
Brow Gel
·         Looks like a mascara, but has a tint of colour and different finish
·         Applies like a mascara but on the brow hairs, positions the hairs so it doesn’t move
·         Great for women with full eyebrows that don’t need to fill in their brows with colour  more so to tame them
·         On the go access, takes seconds to apply.
·         Creates a more dramatic look and shaper looking eye brow, comes in water proof which is great comes in limited colour but the basics
·         Convenient, comes in a pencil so its just “ drawing”
·         Creates a softer looking brow
·         More natural looking
·         There are brow kits that comes in blondes,brunettes, etc, but can easily be replaced or colour matched best with just regular eye shadow
·         Needs to be applied with an angle brush for precision

Once you understand what shape best suits your face, you can use the following tip to complete your new shape like a pro.

For a written tutorial go to:

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