My Little Chloes

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February 14, 2013
Chloé presents my little chloés’ limited edition, three delightful mini fragrances that will charm you at first sight.
My little chloés are miniature variants of the chloé, love, chloé and l’eau de chloé fragrances. they reflect the elegance and refinement of the larger versions in 20 ml flacons.
These irresistible mini fragrances associate the rose notes of chloé and l’eau de chloé and the powdery scent of love, chloé.
displayed on small golden swing sets in store, the three companion bottles gently and humorously sway in the wind. Available as a set or separately, each bottle contains one of chloé’s iconic fragrances.
My little chloés, a new way to carry one’s favourite perfume at all times.

my little chloés – 20ml flacons sold separately – $48.00

Click on the image to watch these cuties in action

available at select bay, sephora and murale stores across canada. 

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