Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 May Nguyen 2 Comments

Foundation is the most important make-up application. Since it takes up about 75% of your face,  it can either make or break your look. Which is why I never had the problem  splurging on foundations. In the last few months I was introduced to Maybelline Fit and was blown away. Honestly, if you covered the packaging, I would have assumed this was a $50 bottle foundation at Sephora. Price Tag, $8.00 at most drug stores. High five to that!

The foundations come in a wide range of colours with matching concealers and powder corresponding to the number on the bottle.

This is currently my favourite foundation for everyday wear. At this price, it's worth the try! I have converted 2 close friends to be a believer. Maybelline definitely fits me!

Rating: 9.5/10
Price: Approx $8.00
Coverage: Light to Medium
Best For: All skin types since its water-based and oil free.
Pros: Lightweight, water-based formula, medium coverage, spf18 ( surprisingly photo friendly ) , price, wide range of colours to match your skin tone,
Cons: Would prefer a pump so I don't waste this fabulous product

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