Make- Up Tutorial : How to Line Your Eyes (Video )

Thursday, January 24, 2013 May Nguyen 3 Comments

Lining your eyes can dramatically change the look of your eyes.  It creates different illusions in the most complimenting way.  Today I will show you which way is the best way to line your eyes and which product works best.

Types of Liners ( most liners offers water resistant and non-water resistant formula)
Penc­il Liners – Control level is easy
·         Lots of colour selection
·         Easy to apply , can be applied for both bottom and top,
·         Less tools to use, just the pencil alone
·         Creates a soft look, smudgy look and define look
Liquid Liner ( comes in the felt tip and precise point liner  ) – Control Level is medium
·         Comes in various colour but mostly the common brown, black,
·         Known for more dramatic clean line ( great for the cat / winged look )
·         Can be lined in many ways like a marker/pen
·         Is not buildable and does not create a smudge sultry effect
·         Most people love the look but find the application difficult
Cake Liner ( looks like a hard eye shadow  ) – Control Level is medium - hard
·         Comes in mostly black and brown
·         Creates very similar line as to a liquid liner
·         Requires a brush and a mixer to make this work, eye sealer or water mixed with the cake      liner
     Cream / Gel Liners – control level is Medium to hard
·         Comes in various colours
·         Has approx.10 seconds time of playtime before it sets in and gets hard
·         Creates a very define  and dramatic look.
          Comes in a jar which allows air to come in and dry the product up which means the    product life is shorter than most liners.

You can watch my makeup tutorial as I explain how to Apply Eyeliners

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