Sultra Bombshell Cone

Sunday, September 16, 2012 May Nguyen 1 Comments

From strait to super curly, to loose waves.  The Sultra Bombshell Cone is the ideal rod to have when you want to create sexy curls.  It's easy to use and quick! Check out how I used this.
The Rod comes in a very pretty packaging, which also includes an instructional manual, a pamphlet of other Sultra products, one glove and the rod.
The first thing I did was part the bottom of my hair, just above the ear.  I pulled out a strand approx. 2cm wide ( see picture ans my measurements are never accurate) I also apply a light coat of hair spray. I chose to do small thin sections to create smaller tighter looking curls.  If you want to achieve a more loose looking curl, take larger and bigger sections instead.

I took the strand and wrapped it around the rod holding my rod pointing ( smallest point , points down)  down and starting from the root of my hair and held it in place for approx 5 seconds. One thing I love about this rod is that it has a "no slip tapered grip" which prevents the hair from slipping and holds it in place. The curl came out very pretty!
After I finished the section of my hair, I continued to part my hair and continue to curl the rest.  I ended up parting it 3 times by the time I got up to the picture above.
Here is the finished look!  My hair is layered so it gives that cascading effect so the curls don't bunch up at the bottom. Very sexy!
Although I really love the look of my hair, I wanted to soften it out. I used my fingers first to separate the hair and then used a natural bristols brush and combed it out to create the look below. Another way that you can create the look is to wear the tight curls for a day and sleep on them, the natural loosen up the following morning.
The Claim: The evolution of the classic curling iron continues with The Sultra Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron. With Sultra's exclusive No-Slip ThermaGrip™ Tapered Barrel, The Bombshell Cone creates luxurious loose waves that transition into tight curls. he No-Slip ThermaGrip Tapered Barrel easily holds hair in place from base to tip. The Bombshell Cone is perfect for color-treated, dry or damaged hair. And, it's easy to use – Wrap. Release. Repeat!

Price: $130 USD
Overall Rating: 8/10
Pros: Love the "no slip" design implemented into this rod, it helps a lot and you can wrap more hair with better precision. The curls come out tight and can last up to 3 days. Comes with a pretty pink glove to keep your cute fingers safe and burn-free!
Cons: Like any rod, I never have the best ends, its always pointy, maybe its a "con" on my end, something I need to master.
For more information, please visit their website!

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how big is the rod?

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