Annabelle Glitterama Eye Liners

Thursday, July 26, 2012 May Nguyen 1 Comments

Annabelle Cosmetics came out with these long wearing formula eyeliners, loaded with sparkling micro-glitter particles that catch and reflect the light. Its fine, tapered brush applicator picks up the maximum amount of sparkles and distributes the eyeliner smoothly and evenly. Approx $7.95 CDN
You will see on the left side of the picture I have lined it over black eyeliner. This effect changes the colour a bit but at the same time intensifies it as well.  Now you have the option of wearing it over any colour liner or wearing alone.
In thiis photo, I used a silver pigment as my liner and lined it over with Annabelle Glitterama to intensify it and make it pop out more. I do this effect also if I wanted eyeshadow to pop out. The glitter are very fine and will work in with the eyeshadow which is great,
Rating :7/10 ( using it over a liner, I doubt I would wear this alone.)

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