NeoStrata’s Micellar Cleanser

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Introducing a product so effective in the removal of skin surface impurities that it requires no rubbing or rinsing.  What is more, it cleanses thoroughly without the use of water; simply apply the solution with a cotton pad. No need to find a sink or running water. You can take it all off: whatever, wherever and whenever!
“The Micellar Cleanser is formulated at an ideal pH so as not to irritate or dry out even the most sensitive skin,” according to Karoline Kanani, Director Marketing, New Product Strategy. “NeoStrata’s Micellar Cleanser cleans and soothes the skin in one simple step, thanks to the innovative micelle technology.” A micelle is a round- shaped cluster of many cleaning agents. The micelles have a hydrophilic (water-loving) exterior and a hydrophobic (water-hating) center. When this cluster comes into contact with the skin’s surface, the micelle opens up and the hydrophobic, fat-loving center attracts all the impurities – such as oil, dirt and make-up. These impurities are trapped inside the micelle and prevented from re-depositing onto the skin. The dirt-filled micelle is then gently removed from the skin’s surface with a simple swipe of a cotton pad, no vigorous rubbing or tugging required. All that remains is a clean and fresh feeling.
The Micellar Cleanser contains cucumber extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties, helps retain moisture and delivers a cool and refreshing sensation. The humectant sugars found in the product’s formulation are used to promote skin hydration and provide soothing benefits.  This product is the perfect choice for those who don’t like to cleanse their face with water, as it is rinse-free. What is more, due to the unique cleaning nature of the micelle technology, the Micellar Cleanser can also be used as a make-up remover. It is particularly beneficial for eye make-up removal, as it requires no roughness to do its job – which is especially significant given the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes.
Quick and efficient; convenient and gentle: what more could you ask of your facial cleanser?  Simply grab a cotton pad to take it all off and reveal your true self.
Available April 2012 in all major drugstores across Canada for $21 (200mL).
We give this product 7/10

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