Lancome Visionnaire for Men

Saturday, April 28, 2012 May Nguyen 0 Comments

Men are now fully captivated by the powerful force of Visionnaire!
 Launched in September 2011, Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] is the first Advanced Skin Corrector for wrinkles, pores, and evenness. Having reaped dozens of awards worldwide, it has already won over tens of thousands of women. And today, men are freely borrowing it from their better halves. Already using moisturizers, particularly after shaving, they have added a new step – a serum – to their skin care routine. We couldn’t be any happier!
 In fact, men already know all about Visionnaire and the miraculous molecule [LR 2412] created by our Researchers, who were inspired by plants’ natural healing process.  [LR 2412] is designed to "self-propel" through skin’s layers. Through well-balanced permeation, its strength is diffused to the all layers, setting off a series of micro-transformations. Women have noted: wrinkles are visibly erased, pores tightened and irregularities reduced, resulting in beautifully flawless skin.

With its light texture and airy fragrance, Visionnaire meets men's expectations in every way as well. They also love its sleek bottle with a high-tech design, a fusion of silver and malachite green, as if crossed by a laser beam.

The quintessence of LancĂ´me skincare for visionary men…

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