Pure Earth Minerals - Great for Acne

Thursday, September 06, 2012 May Nguyen 5 Comments

One of my friends is obsessed with different skincare lines and she stumbled across a Pure Earth Minerals while attending the Toronto's Women Show.  
1 Week of using the Pure Earth Minerals - I'm convinced.
Here's me in my Zeolite Maske, my first week... Stay tune for my results.
With my promotional code "Friendsofmay" I purchased a couple of more sets and gave it to some of my close friends. I recently gave @missamandachen a set to try and after 2 weeks she and I saw amazing results and she too was convinced. The skincare line is not catered to Acne Prone skin, it basically does everything! I only noticed more dramatic differences on Acne Skin. 

The system comes in 2 parts, A Zeolite Mask that I use two-three times a week and a 30ml Tamanu Serum that I use daily.  The Zeolite maskhas is a deep detoxifying mask with negative charges hat attracts and traps positively charged toxins, removing them from your skin. The mask is to be used up to 3 times a week along with the Tamanu Skin Rejuvenating Serum and is engineered to diminish the presence of skin blemishes that come from environmental exposure.
The Tamanu Skin Rejuvenating Serum, which adds back moisture into your skin and balances your ph balance. This is made from 100% Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil, assists in the formation of new tissue which speeds healing. This is to be used daily and will address your anti-aging and radiance concerns.
Overall: 9/10
Price: $59.95 CDN Promo code (Friendsofmay -$20.00)
Packaging: 8/10
PROS: Amazing and fast results especially on Acne Skin. I add a drop of Tamanu Oil with my daily moisturizer. I also use this in my bath and it leaves my skin amazingly soft for a couple of days. I also use this on my stretchmarks, I have seen some visible results but nothing amazing since its been 2 weeks, but I will keep to posted.  The tamanu serum is extremely multi-purpose for me which is a bonus, I can't wait to see what other creative way I can use it after researching its benefit online.
CONS: I am not a huge fan of the aroma that the Tamanu Serum has at first, it's stong.  After a while using it, I have adjusted to its scent and comfortable. Since it is an oil, I like to mix it in with my daily moisturizer versus wearing it alone.

Promo code "Promo Code "FriendsofMay" and save $20 off your purchase.
Click HERE to learn more about the product. 

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just ordered mine

Natalia said...

seems cool cool mask

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Cindy said...

I started using the Tamaru Oil on Sunday and did the scrub on Tuesday night. The smell is a bit to get use to but my skin has never felt so soft and smooth. :-) Thank you!

May Nguyen