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Monday, October 18, 2010 May Nguyen 14 Comments

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I had to show this picture as I loved the colours. Have to thank Make-up Forever on this one. Sona was kind enough to share her before and after picture.
I believe in achieving a great canvas with correct concealing, foundation and contouring. Colours doesn't nessasari mean it's "prettier" if the foundation base or skin isn't at its best. I always try to get my clients to have great looking skin, because in the end, you see more of the skin then anything else. This example has colour but, I bet with just eyeliner and lipgloss I think Sona would still have looked great. That's why it's very mportant for skin care and right choice of foundation.
This is what I used:
Primer: Smashbox Photofinsih Duo ( artificial light and photo finish duo)
Foundation: MAC Studio Fluid n NC 35
Under eyes: Prescriptives Camouflage Concealer
Powder: Sephora, same shade and 2 shades darker for contour and shading, POP Beauty Highlight pallet ( yellow packaging ) on her forehead, bridge of nose, chin and under eyes
Brow: MAC Cork Powder
Eyes: All Make-up Forever Bottom (159 matte blue and 92 matte purple ) Top Outer corner (92 matte bright pink) Lid ( 0 matte white ) Inner bottom and lower a shimmery white highlighter from POP Beauty Highlighter pallet
Rimmed bottom liner with Cargo black liner and lined the top with Smashbox Gel Liner and added falsies
Cheeks: Cargo Blue Ray blush
Lips: MAC Brave with MAC clear gloss

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fuzkittie said...

Wow great transformation! :]

you did an amazing job, especially with concealing her undereye circles. Did you use any eye cream to help or was it all done with the concealer?

Askmewhats said...

WOW! HUGE transformation! wonderful job!

LaMimi said...

WOW May! You know how to work wonders! :) I love getting my make up done by you :)



Jaimie said...

Gorgeous work!

Don't forget to check out my new Lady Gaga Look Contest!

Anonymous said...

oh wow - she looks really pretty may!

from HK

Merily said...

amazing job!
oh, and thank you for the comment. The pictures areb y my friend and made with Canon ixus 80 :)

you did such a great job with her makeup! you really are a pro! i also really like your profile picture, you're very pretty :)
and thanks for commenting my blog! it means a lot to me :D

i love this!

Tonya Ly said...

Great job and great colour selection!


Kimberly Tia said...

Wow -- you "artiste'" YOU!!!
she looks amazing may!

and btw coming to Toronto April 30th to May 12th (just a heads up) ^_^

Yvonne said...

wow talk about the transformative power of makeup!

coco said...

She looks stunning! Great job

jim kill said...
May Nguyen