Keeping your Lipstick on Longer

Thursday, August 12, 2010 May Nguyen 2 Comments

A lot of my clients like to ask me how can they make their lipstick/gloss lasts through out the day? There are just so many products on the market that specializes in it.

I do have a collection of lip stains, long lasting lipsticks, lip tints etc... They do work, but sometimes are just impossible to take off. I noticed a lot of the products contain a certain amount of alcohol which is good for long lasting wear but extremely drying for the lips. Another bad thing too is when you purchase these lip products you are bound to purchase the selective colours they have to offer. Sometimes your shade of lipstick or gloss you love to wear may not be in the choice of colours offered.

What I like about these liquid lipsticks/stains etc. is that most of them are waterproof, smudge proof and non- transferabl

I use a lot of MAC Pro Long wear Liquid Lip gloss, Estee Lauder, and Clinique (Duo end – colour on one side and gloss on the other end.) It works but over time I notice people tend to re-apply the gloss (over gloss ) and then start rubbing their lips together which will lead to a film like residue on your lips. This can be extremely unattractive.

Another product I love to use is Make-up Forever Lip Seal, which basically goes over your shade of lipstick and seals it. It leaves the same effect as the MAC,Estee Lauder and Clinque Long lasting Lipsticks, but at the same time it does leave a very drying feel and the chance of over glossing will lead to that film like residue on your lips.

Here is something I like to do, this is not a permanent stain, and not guaranteed to be smudge proof or non transferable – its helped with the longevity of the lipstick – especially with darker lipsticks. ( Tip: MATTE Lipsticks tend to last longer than shiny/gloss lipsticks)

This may not be new to some of you, but I would love to hear some of your tips and tricks to keep lipstick longer lasting.
  • I like to line the lips first with a colour matching very close to the lipstick and fill it in completely. (This prevents feathering and bleeding)
  • Apply the lipstick on the lips
  • Take out a Tissue 2 ply and separate the sheets until you have 1 very thin (1ply) sheet
  • Use on of the sheet to blot off the excess lipstick - I normally put it in between my lips and press it down a couple of times.
  • After, lay the other tissue paper on top of the lips and with a power brush and loose powder, pat the loose powder on top of the tissue paper allowing it to go through the fine holes of the tissue paper to the lips.
  • Re-apply the lipstick again and repeat the blotting and powder steps on the lips a few times. You should always end with you lipstick last and not the powder setting.
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wow that's a good tip, i'm gonna have to try that!

Kimberly Tia said...

i'm going to have to raid your closet when I get to Toronto to stay warm... puwahhahah

im cringing...right now in so. cali the weather is a sunny blue sky beautiful 53 deg (not cels. lol) i always bag on jay and derek about our differences and their Canadian accents, but then again I have my So. Cali accent too (so i should hush up)

i'm sooo excited to come to toronto tho, it'll be a nice change of scenery for this so.cali girl

and i would love to get together for dinner/drinks with you all for sure!!!

May Nguyen