Cargo Reverse Lip Liner

Thursday, July 22, 2010 May Nguyen 9 Comments

I recently did a natural photo shoot and just realized I never posted this item before. This is one of my favourite products and I haven't shared it with you guys! As you can see, it just makes your lips pop out so naturally. It also makes your lipstick application appear much cleaner as well. I've been using this product for over a year and I love it.

That chart is basically the step by step - saves me a lot of work!

Below is a picture of what I used on the model.
Don't sweat it if you don't have the product. Theres actually substitutions, but this is a cheat way for me since its faster. You can also do the same thing lining with a concealer stick, lighter foundation etc. As long as its a 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, you're just highlighting the outside/outline of your lips.
If you find this is too much, you can just highlight the upper lip "V" arch and that will also give you and instant pout as well! You can also do a lipstick trick as well, but thats for next time. I have to find myself a demo model with thin lips to show you guys since I have very full lips!
Photo Credit : Cargo Cosmetics and Bohdan Turok

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Natalie said...

wow cool! I have MUFE concealer pencil, I will try this tomorrow! Thanks for such a helpful post!!

Askmewhats said...

great looking product and great tip :)

xppinkx said...



ur on my lezbo list btw...and now i can follow u like a shadow! personally i think like idea is BOLLOX...i have a question for this reversed lip line...what happens if the chick has a gnarly mustache...that would look kind fucked would look like she was permanantly drinking milk...or has a messy time eating *****


wow that was a in depth message...

i want to be your MODEL!!!!

i want you to do makeup on me!!!!

ok where in canada are you?


hit me up on aim we should pchau85


kokostiletto said...

oh wow i really really love this!i really want it!

Tina Doan said...

very pretty ;p
and great tip my friend <3

good stuff! i think i'm going to try using my anastasia eyebrow highlighter pencil for this...hopefully it's not too light

Anonymous said...

oooo wow. thats some good ass product.

Anonymous said...

This product looks great!

Blair said...

Thank you for this fab tip! =]

May Nguyen